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Last year alone, BoldLeads helped thousands of agents generate over 800,000 leads.

Thousands of agents are getting more listings and buyers by using BoldLeads.

In 6 months I've generated 267 leads and converted 8 leads into 8 listings so far. According to my MLS, another 20% of my leads listed with another agent, because I didn't follow up. BoldLeads is the real deal!

Ephram j.
RE/MAX Solutions

BoldLeads has helped me build a massive pipeline of business and jump start my real estate career! I already have 3 listings and picked up a buyer in less than 2 months! Unbelievable.

Raniel d.
Coldwell Banker

I have been using Bold Leads for nearly a year with amazing results. I have over 600 listing prospects in my pipleline. In my 28 years in real estate, I have never had anything that produces like this. I currently have over $5,000,000 of listings from the system.

Bill K.

Got my first BL listing last week for just under $400k, and the property went under contract almost immediately. It only took about 90 days for the first one to pop, and that was with mediocre (at best) follow up. With some improved follow up combined with the steady inflow of pipeline-building seller leads, BL should be my top listing source by next year.

Cliff L.
Realty Austin

BoldLeads has the best seller lead gen system period.

Brett T.
Keller Williams

I had 3 closings in January from BoldLeads, and have more than 30 listing prospects I'll be converting over the next 60 days as the weather gets warmer!

Rick C.
Keller Williams

I just wanted to let you know that I have had great success thus far! I have listed 5 homes already and I’m only in a month and a half into the program. Thank you so much!

Melody L.
Homelife Benchmark Realty

I’ve been with BoldLeads for 5 months and I have over 450 potential sellers in my pipeline. We’ve already listed 4 homes!


In 3 months since I’ve been with BoldLeads, I’ve already got 2 listings closed and I’m working with these sellers on new builds as well. I have over $820k in volume with BoldLeads and my plan is to keep expanding!

richard k.
Keller Williams

I love BoldLeads! Just in the past 6 weeks I have listed 2 homes, put 1 under contract, and have multiple listing appointments with sellers who want to list in the next 6 months.

christina m.
Keller Williams

I have listed 5 homes in my first 3 months, and have even landed some cash buyers who are selling as well. This has been such a great tool for me in so many ways!

Roberta D.
My Home Group

I have been with BoldLeads for just over 6 months. It has been an amazing investment for my business. I have added over 200 people to my database. I have closed over $40,000 in GCI so far. I just took a listing last week, one more this week, and have 5 in the pipeline. I just added two more zip codes this week!

Jeremy H.
Coldwell Banker

BoldLeads is not a system where sellers list right away. It truly is a 6-12 month nurturing process. In the first 6 months, we received many leads and closed 4 listings. In the first two months in 2016, we've signed 12 listings - most which we have been nurturing for months. Many of these leads are listing over the next few months, so these numbers will increase dramatically.

rose m.
RE/MAX Hamilton

I hesitated for 6 months to sign up. But I decided to give it a shot earlier this year. Since signing up I have received too many leads - I can’t even respond to them all! I selectively pick which leads I respond to. I have already closed 4 deals directly from BoldLeads, and have made over $45,000 in commission so far. I would definitely say the system more than pays for itself, and I would be proud to recommend BoldLeads to anyone looking for more business.

Sutton West Coast Realty

Another agent in my office started using BoldLeads and I saw how many leads she was getting. I just had to try it out! In my first two weeks I had 2 new listings from using the BoldLeads system. I like that it has a great follow up system that engages the potential sellers.I would recommend BoldLeads to any agent who can handle the potential volume of sellers coming their way!

Amy c.
Miner Realty

I was looking for a long term lead system that would grow with me and my business. I have had a consistent flow of leads with quality contact information. Most of these leads fit with my long term plan and cultivation process. I currently have 2 listings under contract and another listing next month. I have a solid support team and account manager that are always easy to reach should I need help. I would recommend Boldleads to anyone who is serious about a long term growth strategy. This has been a critical piece for my needs in helping build a large database.

Geoff W.
Keller Williams

I signed up just over 3 months ago, and so far I have 3 signed listings and 2 more in the pipeline. We expect a tremendous return on our nurtures too!

Brandon m.
Keller Williams

I have been in real estate for over 17 years, and have tried many different lead systems. BoldLeads is by far, hands-down, the best system I have ever used. The sales increase has far surpassed any cost. I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

jolene o.
Kubes Realty

My last sale from BoldLeads was for $178,000 and my latest sale from BoldLeads was for $1,500,000. I am also listing a home next week for $334,000. I would reccomend BoldLeads for anyone wanting to build their database and meet potential clients!

MHW Real Estate

At first, it was overwhelming how many leads were coming in and I had no idea how to handle the leads. After a few months, I began attempting to make contact with the leads. From March to May, I have listed 4 homes, and one is currently under contract. I’ve earned over $39,450 in 3 months! This is the best lead system out there!!

christine p.
Keller Williams
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Bill W.
RE/MAX Classic
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Bill W.
RE/MAX Classic

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